Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Rainy Day – Day 20

Exactly six months ago I had my first mammogram. It didn’t go so well and, long story short, I had a single mastectomy less than a month later.

Today is my second mammogram and the upside is it will only take half the time.

I desperately want to be mindfully grateful for a clean scan but the superstitious part of me believes that if I wait to do that, I’d be jinxing myself.

So instead I will focus on the peace I found last night, standing outside, in the dark, in the rain.

Our first drops of this year’s rainy season came softly. No wind, no lightning, no thunder.

While I am actually a huge fan of monster thunderstorms, standing briefly under the gentle rain was calming and cleansing. I fell asleep to the mild drumming pretending the water was washing away my fear.

When I step into the mammography machine in a couple of hours, arm above my head, I will close my eyes and go back to the pitter-patter sound in my head.

The rain came late this season but it came just in time for me. And I am grateful.

NOTE: If you’re late to my 30 Days of Gratitude, here is some context.