Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sixty Minutes of Forever – Day 24

We grabbed an extra chair from the office and five of us sat around the dinner table tonight.

We chatted about the day’s events even though we spent most of it in each other’s company. We bantered about current events, to the extent that an eleven year old and twelve year old can tolerate and engage in the discussion. There was good natured teasing and, because my mother occupied the additional seat at the head of the table, there were hilarious, if mildly inappropriate, tales from my childhood.

The food was nothing special (it was a ‘clean out the fridge night) and the wine only cost $6 a bottle.

But the stories and the laughter were priceless.

We spent an hour focused only on each other and I am profoundly grateful for those 60 minutes in-the-moment together. Those exact minutes will never come this way again but the memories are forever. 

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