Monday, November 18, 2013

Gratitude Everlasting – Day 18

Dust covered and muscle weary, I am decidedly glad for the invention of 20 gallon storage tubs.

But my profound gratitude goes not to the tub inventor but to the helping hand that filled them with me.

My mother arrives from Texas on Wednesday. My father-in-law arrives from Colorado on Thanksgiving morning. Both will be here for a big turkey meal and will stay for the (now enormous!) Gratitude Celebration at the end of the month.

Both are staying in our modest home.

With my husband and me, two kids, three mice, one cat, one ball python and an 8-year old plecostomus this equates to about 140 square feet of personal space per living thing.

If we count the bathrooms and didn’t have any furniture.

I am absolutely delighted to host them and thrilled to be cooking my first Thanksgiving turkey for a party of 10 humans.  And I am overjoyed that just two days later, nearly 70 people will gather at our house for the enormous Celebration of Gratitude party on November 30th.

But I’m a little desperate for space.

This morning my friend arrived, saw my dilemma and cheerily suggested we ‘make room’ for company.
Someone else’s friend may have tried to talk me into tossing out years of memorabilia or a surplus of craft supplies.

Not my friend.

My friend suggested we hit up Target for the quick and dirty space making solution.

When you arrive at my house and everything looks neatly put away, please know that all our junk is really hiding in the closet, tucked safely away in stackable containers.

Delighted to have the plastic tubs but I’m more appreciative of the friend that helped me fill them!

Beyond dragging your butt out for a walk a week after surgery; beyond sewing special bras for you after a mastectomy; beyond taking an emergency walk with you after getting really bad news; a true friend will help you hide your crap before everyone else shows up to the party!

And I’m profoundly grateful for her friendship.

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