Friday, November 29, 2013

Celebration-of-Gratitude Party Eve – Day 29

Tomorrow my 30 Days of Gratitude culminates in our Celebration of Gratitude Party!

A month ago, to commemorate my good health on the 5-month anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis, I decided to participate in Kind Spring’s 21-Day Gratitude Challenge. On the morning of November 1st, I realized I had more than 3 weeks of gratitude in me and chose to document a mindful gratitude daily until the end of the month.

Tomorrow marks the six-month anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. My family and I are reclaiming the day to celebrate those people in our community that supported us in the darkest days of last summer.

Our Celebration of Gratitude invitation reads:

We are grateful for YOU!

On May 30th, our family heard the words 'breast cancer' and we were flung into a unexpected whirlwind of fear & anxiety, not to mention more than a few doctors appointments! Before we even recognized what was happening, we were cradled in a web of positive thoughts, home cooked meals, constant calls, fragrant flowers and even an amazing garden project.

Six months later, we would like to celebrate life & happiness by honoring our amazing (bigger than we ever imagined!) community with good food & good humor. 
Whether you prepared a meal, amused our children, sent flowers, texted words of encouragement, emailed a ridiculously funny (albeit inappropriate for work!) video, dragged my recovering body on a 10K, wielded a shovel in the replanting of my front yard or sent uber positive vibes through etherspace, you were truly instrumental in supporting us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Open House style - stop by for a drink, a chat or even just (especially just!) a hug.

~The Tinianov Family - Stacey, Brandon, Kendall & Riley

Nearly 100 people have RSVP’d and, once again, we are amazed. Since we married in a teeny ceremony just over fourteen years ago (okay, we eloped to wine country!), this party will be the most people who have ever assembled together at our request - nevermind in our home!

Twenty-nine days into a thirty-day exercise and I am astounded at all I have learned over the past month and profoundly grateful for the opportunity to thank those near and dear to us tomorrow evening.

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