Saturday, November 23, 2013

Drop the Rock, Lean into the Embrace – Day 23

Sometimes, even on a beautiful sunny autumn day, my mind gets bent around the past (or hyper focuses on the future) and forgets to stay in the moment. On these days, I can over think sound decisions and attempt to rationalize relevant emotions out of existence.

After months of thought, I have elected to have reconstructive surgery. Today I questioned the impact more surgeries will have on my family and the choice seemed selfish and vain. I would love to be content with health, yet I am desperately missing symmetry.

I became caught in a vortex of raw emotion and intellectual rationalization.

And it spun me silly today.

And on days like this - days like today - I am profoundly grateful for my husband’s arms to melt into and the restorative kiss he plants on the side of my head as he whispers, “Stace, you need to drop that rock and give yourself a break.”

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