Monday, February 23, 2015

Flipping the Clinic with #IWishMyDoc/#IWishMyPatient

Three weeks ago, we kicked off a simple hashtag campaign to help provide context, build understanding and generate empathy between patient and clinician across the healthcare space.

In the month of February, we have had 257 patients and caregivers participate in the #IWishMyDoc campaign and 163 clinicians share their #IWishMyPatient thoughts. Leveraging the power of social media, these individuals have helped make over 5 MILLION impressions in the Twitter sphere. But most importantly, many of these thoughts have led to honest suggestions and thoughtful conversation.

Patients have offered waiting room and office management suggestions as well, reminders regarding considering the mental and emotional load that comes with many appointments and a wish to be seen as a whole person versus a set of symptoms:

And participating physicians have been vocal about empowering patients to find their voice:

If you have not already shared your thoughts, please join us for the one week left of our #IWishMyDoc / #IWishMyPatient campaign. Consider sending a link to the original blog (below) to your friends and family network to encourage participation amongst health care providers and patients.  

And remember, healthcare doesn’t need to remain an illness model - and EVERYONE is a patient in the context of general wellness. What do YOU wish your doctor said/provided/understood?

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