Monday, July 8, 2013

Thirteen is my new lucky number.

I scored a baker’s dozen on the OncotypeDX...

... which means no chemo!

As the phone rang, the kids were explaining a LEGO structure and adventure to me. From my daughter's bedroom, we heard the computerized female caller ID voice identify the caller as, "Kai...ser. Foun...da...tion."

I ran to grab the phone in the kitchen and immediately began pacing.
“Hi there! You’re calling to give me the good news,” I answered by way of greeting, certian this was Dr. J calling with results. “I got a 16, right?”
“No,” she said, barely pausing. “You got a 13!”

I’m sure I squealed like a little piglet at some point in time but, mostly I remember exclaiming, “Yay! I’m so glad. I’m SO glad. Thank you. I’m so GLAD” while tears rolled down my cheeks and I did a little jig in the kitchen.

With all the hullabaloo, the kids broke themselves away from their LEGO adventures and ran out to the kitchen.
“Mom, it sounds like you won the lottery."
“I did. I DID. No chemo!” I smiled through the tears of relief as I hugged them both.

Dr. J and I chatted a few minutes longer. A little about starting Tamoxifen, a little about more blood work I should have done and a little about our family’s upcoming camping trip to Sequoia National Forest and Kings Canyon National Park with my continued "I'm so GLAD" peppered in between.

I remember absolutely nothing specific regarding our conversation beyond the number 13, so I’ll be sending her an email asking what I’m needing to be tested for and when.

Meanwhile I’m going to revel in the lowest score I think I have ever received on a test (up to and including that really bad differential equations final!) 

Here's to being on the low end of 100!

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