Sunday, June 23, 2013

All-in-All, a good day (June 21st part 3)

Sans drain and dried of tears, I chose movement.

On Wednesday 6/19, following my release from the hospital, I walked the block. A measly route 1.5 mile route that I used to knock out in a frustrated hustle between work-from-home conference calls. 
On Thursday 6/20, I hit just over 2.5 miles split between two separate sessions.
Now, unencumbered, my Friday walk was a 2.5 mile, single session goal.

Normally, I walk alone or with friends. 
Okay, normally, I run. 
But the last month hasn't been so normal. 

My husband by my side, we set out at a pace that felt faster than the day before. The route in my head would have clocked just over 2.5 miles but the freedom of movement (even wearing the chest compression wrap!) was inspiring and motivating so, when it came time to make a turn, I instead asked for clarification.

"Does it still count as a single session if we stop at Starbucks for a sit down?"
Not missing a beat, my husband replied, "Absolutely."

One point seven-four miles there, a sit down, an ice water, a coffee and then 1.74 miles home. My first post-op 5K.

And then a nap.

And then a pain pill.

All-in-all, a good day. 
All-in-all the epitome of the roller coaster we've been riding for the last month.

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