Thursday, April 2, 2009

TakeTwo (or three, or seven, or...)

While I've been blogging since before the term (and this site) existed, I'm not one for consistency, maintenence or long-term relationships (beyond the almost 15 years I've got going on with that wonderful man I married).

Consider this a fresh start with a very old username.

And the impetus for this particular fresh start?

Spending a few days in SF attending the Web 2.0 Conference and Expo.

Groovy people, smart people, motivated people. The buzz is the social web and there is a considerable amount of passion in the space. But there is something that is nagging at me - ultimately we are all busily trying to inspire humans to use computers to make their interactions (with the computer) more human. I know, oversimplification and generalization but here's the example that I'm just stuck on.

Have spoken with a couple of people about Akoha and other pre-release social and philanthropic sites I've come to understand that these are online games designed around inspiring compassionate human interactions.

Before I raise my virtual fist to pound into the virtual air, let's be clear, there are times when the end justifies the means.

My point is simply in the irony in the online interaction goal: Making things more human.

That doesn't seem like it should be so hard now does it?

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