Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dreamcatchers vs. Giant Ants: The Power of Poetry

The day before Easter, big scientist/inventor (aka: hubby, engineer) thought it would be interesting, educational and stimulating to show gymnast princess bookworm (aka: daughter, munchkin#1) and daredevil whirlygig/little engineer (aka: son, munchkin#2) a video on the world's premier bug man.
The fearsome threesome made it to the part where super smart bug man allows himself to be bitten by fire ants on his hands before I called them to dye eggs.

Several hours later...

The children were nestled all snug in their beds
when munchkin number two became concerned in the head.
"The ants are all over," he said quite distraught.
"Mommy and Daddy they are just in my thoughts."

A shrug from the hubby, "I didn't think it was bad"
Signalled to me there were words to be had.
Not with the hubby but with the boy,
The contraption above his head was not just a Dollar Store toy.

"Let's go little man, back off to bed,
Seems there is a Dream Catcher poem to be said."
Together we looked at the apparatus taped on his wall
And I imagined words that could resolve this all.

I thought quickly tho the wine kept me mellow
and said the following with my little fellow.

"Dream Catcher, Dream Catcher, please be compliant
Please stop all ant dreams especially those that are giant.
Dream Catcher, Dream Catcher, this would be totally sweet
Because tomorrow morning will be filled with treats."

The little engineer made me repeat it, just for good measure
But the words themselves relieved all the pressure.
And when I checked in on him after just 10 minutes
The little guy was crashed dreaming of M&Ms with the peanuts.

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